Summer news from Pivaset

Midsummer week is here and summer holidays are surely just around the corner for many. Before we head out to the summer pastures, we wanted to gather some news from Pivaset and a few upcoming events.

Pivaset has delivered fire hydrant cabinets to the new Saimaanportin comprehensive school in Mikkeli

Pivaset supplied fire hydrant cabinets for the Saimaanportin comprehensive school. Fire hydrant cabinet of the new school were installed on the surface or partially embedded.

Olli Inkinen has been appointed as the new CEO of Pivaset Oy

Olli Inkinen has started as CEO of Pivaset Oy on 16 October 2023, after Tarmo Karhapää takes over the position of Gebwell Oy's director of production and procurement.

Pivaset APS-arm nozzle for extinguishing electric car battery fire

Pivaset has launched a brand new product for the initial extinguishing of battery fires in electric cars: Pivaset APS arm nozzle.

Don't be afraid of the fire hydrant!

Fire hydrants are initial extinguishing devices permanently placed in the walls of buildings, which are connected to the buildings' water mains. Everyone should know how to use them in case of a fire.