Don't be afraid of the fire hydrant!

Fire hydrants are extinguishing equipment permanently located in the walls of buildings and connected to the water supply network of buildings. Fire hydrants can be found in almost all large buildings where a lot of people visit or stay.

In these facilities, fire hydrant cabinets are an important, statutory part of the initial extinguishing equipment of buildings. In the event of a fire, everyone should know the basic stages of initial extinguishing and how to use fire hydrant in an extinguishing situation.

Extinguishing with the fire hydrant:

1. Open the fire hydrant cabinet

2. Open the shut-off valve located in the cabinet

3. Pull the hose sufficiently from the reel 

4. Start extinguishing from a safe distance by opening the shower pipe and aiming it at the fire

Contrary to what is sometimes believed, fire hydrants are meant to be used by absolutely everyone in the event of a fire. So they are not just for use by the fire brigade. In addition to fire protection, the fire hydrant cabinet can also be used for washing and watering depending on the situation and condition.