Building information model

BIM models can be found in the Magicad database. You can access the database HERE.

You can find the BIM models of our fire hydrants by entering the product in the search field of the Magicad database. You can download a 3D model or scale image from the database.

The BIM model (Building information model) can be used in the planning phase to place fire hydrants in the 3D model of the building. With 3D modeling, you can understand, for example, how fire hydrants are placed in corridors, lobbies or for observation purposes.

Pivaset Oy has its own design department, which allows us to design emergency fire mailboxes suitable for different environments. If you can't find a cabinet model that meets your needs in our collection, please contact our sales.

How can we help you with HVAC or fire safety planning for hydrants? Contact our sales.