Hose reels

Hose reels for fire fighting, cleaning and watering

The reels are manufactured from 1mm steel sheet and coated with epoxy powder. The reel hubs are made of special brass casting and have undergone pressure testing. The fire hose is a lightweight hose with polyester fabric reinforcement. Its operating pressure is 1.2 Mpa, and its burst pressure is 9 Mpa (+20C). Standard models are equipped with a support spring for the hose.

The lightweight hose, as the name suggests, is easy to handle, but it is not recommended for continuous washing use on abrasive floor surfaces. Alternatively, we provide reels with a nitrile/PVC hose, which has an operating pressure of 1.2 Mpa and a burst pressure of 4 Mpa (+20C).

Fire hydrant reels and hose reels designed for washing purposes serve various roles across industrial environments, properties, and production facilities, including agricultural settings, processing industries, fish farms, construction sites, and property maintenance services.

In industrial settings, rapid fire hydrant reels are critical components of fire safety systems. They are strategically installed in factories, warehouses, and production facilities to provide quick access to firefighting hoses during emergencies, ensuring swift response and efficient fire suppression.

Hose reels intended for washing purposes are versatile tools used in multiple sectors. In agricultural contexts, they aid in cleaning equipment, vehicles, and farming areas, contributing to overall hygiene and maintenance. In processing industries, these reels facilitate cleaning processes by providing a controlled and efficient supply of water or cleaning solutions for equipment and workspaces. Fish farms utilize them for cleaning tanks and aquaculture infrastructure.

Construction sites benefit from washing hose reels for cleaning machinery, tools, and work areas, promoting a safe and tidy environment. Property maintenance services also rely on these reels to efficiently clean outdoor spaces, building exteriors, and common areas in various properties, ensuring cleanliness and upkeep.

Hose reels

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