EN 671-1:2012 standard for the manufacture of fire hydrants


We manufacture fire hydrants according to the EN 671-1:2012 standard, and they are CE marked. The standard regulates the manufacturing of fire hydrants to ensure products are consistent, safe, and suitable for their intended use.

The authority that performed the EN 671-1:2012 approval for Pivaset Oy is RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Box 857, SE-50115 Borås, Sweden.

Fire hydrant or fire hydrant cabinet?

A hose reel manufactured in accordance with EN 671-1:2012 (with an approved hose assembly) is referred to as a fire hydrant. The hose reel (fire hydrant) can be wall-mounted either with or without a cabinet. A fire hydrant cabinet refers to the placement of an approved hose reel within a protective and approved cabinet structure.

Fire hydrant hose

Fire hydrants complying with the EN 671-1 standard use a shape-retaining hose type that meets the EN 694:2001 standard, with a maximum length of 30m. The hose's inner diameter can be 19mm or 25mm.

Pivaset primarily uses the following hose types in its products:

Woven polyester/EPDM lightweight hose. Tested and approved according to the EN 694:2001 standard. Max working pressure: 1.2 MPa Burst pressure: 9 MPa

Nitrile/PVC hose with polyester fabric reinforcement. Meets the EN 694:2001 Type A Class 2 standard. Max working pressure: 1.2 MPa Burst pressure: 4 MPa

EN-671-1:2021 compliant hose reel

The color of the hose reel for the fire hydrant is specified as red in the EN-671-1:2012 standard, so special-colored reels generally do not suit fire hydrant use.

EN-671-1:2021 compliant fire hydrant cabinet

The cabinet for the fire hydrant can be of any color. Most of the cabinets we manufacture are white, gray, or red. EN-671:2012 regulates the material of the cabinets.

EN-671-1:2021 compliant fire hydrant nozzle/spray head

Pivaset uses its own spray nozzle that has undergone approval testing by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB