PV-10 fire hydrant cabinet

Fire Hydrant Cabinet with Hose Reel

Width 690 x Height 690 x Depth 290 mm

The surface-mounted cabinet can be partially recessed to the desired depth using a separate recessing frame.

CE-marked (EN 671-1:2012) fire hydrant reel is always red, and the hose length is up to 30m.

Fire hydrant cabinets are essential safey tool for initial fire prevention

Fire Hydrant Cabinets: Crucial Support for Safety in Fire Situations

Fire hydrants are essential safety tools in emergency situations, providing a quick and efficient way to combat incipient fires in various environments. With these foundational elements of fire safety, you can ensure swift response and effective fire suppression.

Structure and Operating Principle of Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants adhere to strict safety standards, crafted from durable materials such as steel plates, designed to withstand demanding conditions. Their user-friendly nature enables rapid firefighting actions, crucial in the early stages of a fire.

Applications and Usage of Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants play a vital role in several environments:

  • Industrial Environments: Factories, warehouses, and production facilities where fire safety is paramount.
  • Construction Sites: Especially in areas conducting hot work or welding.
  • Properties: Residential and commercial buildings requiring quick and easy access to fire suppression tools.

Why Choose Fire Hydrants?

  • Immediate Response: Fire hydrants enable immediate action that can prevent the escalation of fires.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive operation allows swift response without extensive training.
  • Reliable Safety: Compliant with the highest safety standards, providing a dependable firefighting solution.

Purchase Fire Hydrants from a Reliable Supplier

We offer a wide range of fire hydrants catering to various environments and needs. Reach out to our experts and choose safety equipment ensuring quick and effective actions in emergency situations.

PV-10 fire hydrant cabinet

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