Pivaset Oy is part of the Gebwell Group

Pivaset is a company specialized in the production of fire extinguishing products.

Pivaset and Gebwell have long traditions and roots in Leppävirta, where the companies' journey has developed through acquisitions and the expansion and development of operations. The story of Pivaset begins three decades ago, when two brothers from Leppävirta founded the company in 1990 and soon after expanded their operations into the manufacture of fire extinguishing products.

Pivaset - Building safety

Our clear mission is to build safety – to create safer environments in which to live and operate. Fire extinguishing products are an important part of our safety and everyday life. We continuously develop products to meet the needs of an ever-evolving and changing world.

Pivaset's manufacturing and operations are located in Leppävirta. We are the leading Finnish operator in our field and our products have the Key Flag symbol.

Values that guide our operations

Together with Pivaset's entire staff, we have drawn up values that guide our daily work. Our values serve as a solid foundation for everything we do.

Customer orientation

Everything we do is aimed at customer satisfaction. We want to exceed customer's expectations.

Doing together

We pride ourselves on being a tight-knit team that works together. Together we are more.


We are committed to constantly developing our operations, our products and our own expertise.