Pivaset APS arm nozzle for controlling and extinguishing battery fires on electric vehicles

Pivaset has launched a brand new product for the initial extinguishing of battery fires in electric cars: Pivaset APS arm nozzle

The number of electric cars and charging stations has increased strongly in recent years. This has highlighted the need to prepare for the initial extinguishing of battery fires in electric cars. The Pivaset APS arm nozzle extinguisher is designed especially for the initial extinguishing of an electric car battery fire.

The safest method for fighting a battery fire on an electric vehicle is exterior cooling using water.

In the research report "New forms of energy in means of transport and buildings from the perspective of rescue operations" published by the Rescue Institute, the three most significant (electric car) battery fire extinguishing tactics are highlighted:

  1. External cooling

  2. A method that penetrates the battery shell

  3. Immersion of the battery (and the vehicle) in water

The report states that of the aforementioned tactics, external cooling is the fastest and easiest way to implement. It is also safe for firefighters, especially if a method is used in a way that does not require staying near the vehicle. In the report, the arm nozzle extinguisher has been highlighted as one of the methods of external cooling.

Rescue Institute publication: http://info.smedu.fi/kirjasto/sarja_B/B2_2022.pdf

The Pivaset APS fire extinguisher is designed to meet these needs in particular.

Pivaset APS is an easy to use electric vehicle battery fire control and extinguishing product, that comprises a hose reel and a 1.5 meter arm nozzle. The hose reel is equipped with a 30 meters long 25 millimeter diameter hose. The arm nozzle creates an upward water spray with a flow of 100 liters per minute with 4 bar pressure. Using the arm nozzle, fighting the electric vehicle battery fire is safer and faster than with any other product on the market.

Pivaset APS cools the battery effectively, suppresses the flames erupting from the battery and prevents the fire from spreading to adjacent vehicles or structures. The water spray also binds toxic gases, such as hydrogen fluoride, that the fire emits. This cuts the fire emitted contamination and makes the environment safer for people to evacuate.

Responding to a fire is easy with the arm nozzle. The user places the nozzle under the fire, opens the arm valve, moves to a safer distance and opens the valve at the hose reel. 

This method minimizes the time spent in the vicinity of harmful smoke emitting from the fire. Close proximity to the burning battery is not required. Jet flames emitted by the burning battery can be very aggressive, so working in a close proximity of a battery fire is a high risk.

The product is 100% designed and manufactured in Finland. The main goal is making firefighting easier, faster and safer.