Pivaset has delivered fire hydrant cabinets to the newly constructed Saimaanportin comprehensive school in Mikkeli. This year, a brand-new Saimaanportin comprehensive school has been completed in Mikkeli, combining three local primary schools and one secondary school. The first students will enter the new school after the upcoming winter break. The school is expected to have approximately 860 students.

Pivaset supplied the fire hydrant cabinets for the Saimaanportin comprehensive school, which was designed and built by the construction company NCC. Some of the fire hydrant cabinets installed in the school were surface-mounted, while others were partially embedded with a flush-mounting frame. Installing the fire hydrant cabinet with the flush-mounting frame is easy and convenient. The fire hydrant cabinet fits neatly and seamlessly into the wall surface, providing a tidy and finished appearance.

The fire hydrant cabinet can be installed on the surface or fully/partially embedded. The choice of installation method depends on the thickness of the wall material, the location of the installation site, and its intended use. For example, in narrow corridors where easy movement is desired, partial or complete embedding is a recommended method. When there is more space in the environment or the wall thickness is insufficient, surface mounting is a good alternative.

You can find more information about the Saimaanportin comprehensive school from here.