PV-23T Reel 550/200 w/o hose assembly - Hose reel

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The easy-to-use industrial models are designed to withstand contin ued heavy use. PV-23T/TR and PV-25T/TR are equipped with a fold ing rewinding crank, hose guide and 1 shut-off valve. These models include a brass curve rising from the reel hub to the casing. PV-23T/ TR includes an additional connecting hose and a wall mounting bracket. The PV-25T/TR model includes an additional connecting hose and a hinged arm. PV-60 R includes a 1 shut-off valve and a rewinding crank with a 1 inner thread for a feed pipe.
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Kerro millaisen letkuyhdistelmän haluat tai valitse alta. max. 16/60, 19/45, 25/30

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  • Finnish "lvi-number"

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