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PV-25 Kela 550/200 kääntöv. ilman letkuyhd. - Pikapalopostikela + kääntövarsi

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The reel is made of 1 mm, epoxy powder-coated steel sheeting. The reel hubs are special brass moulded and pressure tested. Fire hydrant hoses are lightweight, and they have a polyester weave reinforcement.
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Fire Hose Reels: 1. Commercial Buildings: Installed in corridors or near fire exit points in buildings like offices, hotels, hospitals, and schools to provide immediate access to water in case of a fire emergency. 2. Industrial Facilities: Found in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants for quick access to firefighting equipment in case of fire outbreaks. 3. Residential Settings: Some homes, especially larger residences or those in areas with specific safety regulations, may have fire hose reels installed in strategic locations. Washing Reels: 1. Commercial and Industrial Cleaning: Used in car washes, laundry facilities, industrial cleaning operations, and large-scale cleaning companies to provide a controlled water supply for cleaning tasks. 2. Agriculture: Employed in farms for irrigating fields, washing equipment, or cleaning barns and stables. 3. Construction Sites: Used for cleaning machinery, surfaces, and equipment on construction sites. 4. Marine Applications: On ships or docks, washing reels are used for cleaning decks, equipment, or providing water for various marine tasks. Both types of reels serve distinct purposes - fire hose reels are specifically for firefighting purposes in case of emergencies, while washing reels are for controlled water supply in cleaning and maintenance tasks across various industries.
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