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PV-60 Kela 550/400 ilman letkuyhd.

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These reels are versatile and designed to withstand tough conditions, making them suitable for various demanding applications where a robust water supply is needed

Heavy-duty water or washing reels find application in various settings: 1. Industrial Facilities: They are used in industrial settings for cleaning equipment, machinery, and workspaces. Heavy-duty reels can withstand harsh conditions and constant use in these environments. 2. Commercial Establishments: Car washes, large-scale laundry facilities, and cleaning companies often utilize heavy-duty washing reels for efficient and continuous water supply during cleaning operations. 3. Agriculture: Farms and agricultural settings employ heavy-duty water reels for irrigation purposes, crop spraying, and general cleaning tasks in barns or stables. 4. Construction Sites: Heavy-duty reels are used on construction sites for tasks like cleaning equipment, wetting surfaces, and managing dust control. 5. Marine Environments: On ships, boats, or docks, heavy-duty reels can provide water for cleaning decks, equipment, or even for firefighting purposes. 6. Municipalities: Public spaces, parks, and municipal buildings use heavy-duty reels for maintenance and cleaning purposes.
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  • EN 671-1 / 2012 hyväksytty
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