• PV-182 19mm/25m PVC valk.
  • PV-182 19mm/25m PVC valk.

PV-182 19mm/25m PVC valk.

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Kapea pikapaloposti soveltuu hyvin ahtaisiin paikkoihin, kuten esimerkiksi käytäville. Pintamallin kaappi voidaan kokonaan tai osittain upottaa haluttuun syvyyteen käyttämällä erillistä upotuskehystä.

Our fire hydrants are produced in Finland in accordance with standard EN 671-1:2012. Pivaset's basic model fire hydrant cabinets and hose reels, up to 30 meters, are CE-marked. These cabinets and reels are made of epoxy powder-coated steel sheeting, 1.25 mm thick for the fire hydrant cabinets and 1 mm thick for the hose reels. The reels are consistently painted red. Cabinets are available in three standard colors: white, grey, and red, with other colors available by special order. All cabinets feature a welded structural back wall and reinforced doors with adjustable steel hinges. The door is equipped with a special lock including a breakable lock protector. Doors open 180 degrees to allow free functioning of a hose reel installed on the door. The reel hubs are specially brass-molded and tested. Fire hydrant hoses comply with standard EN 694 and feature lightweight polyester weave reinforcement. The lightweight hoses operate at 1.2 MPa with a burst pressure of 9 MPa (+20C). Alternatively, fire hydrant cabinets can be equipped with a nitrile/PVC hose operating at 1.2 MPa with a burst pressure of 4 MPa (+20C). (Please refer to the product stats to confirm the assembled hose). While lightweight, the hose is not recommended for continuous use in cleaning heavily worn floor surfaces. A hose/nozzle holder prevents the hose from getting caught between the door. All cabinet models come with a spring-reinforced feed hose and include a direct/fog nozzle and 1 shut-off valve for fire hydrant cabinets
  • Reference:
  • EN 671-1 / 2012 hyväksytty
  • Letkun tyyppi
  • Väri
  • Letkun pituus (m)
  • Letkun halkaisija
    19mm (3/4")
  • Korkeus (mm)
  • Leveys (mm)
  • Syvyys (mm)

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